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The EMMC STEPS will select some students to be awarded with individual Erasmus Mundus scholarships according to the Student selection criteria approved by the EACEA.

The number of scholarships for each category of individuals will be defined on a yearly basis.

The concession of the grant will be subjected to the following some limitations:

  • Have already obtained a first higher education degree.
  • Exclusively full-time enrolment in one of the course editions.
  • Not be awarded with other EU grants for the same joint course over the length of the course concerned.
  • No more than three of the students with the same nationality.

Two categories are established: Partner Country students and Programme Country students

Partner country students

Students whose nationality is one of the Erasmus+ Partner Countries and who are not residents nor have carried out their main activity (studies, training or work) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in a Programme Country are considered as Partner Country students; The five-year reference period for this 12-month rule is calculated backwards as from the submission deadline (defined by the consortia) of applying for an EMMC student scholarship.

Programme country students

Students whose nationality is one of the Erasmus+ Programme Countries count as Programme Country students.

Please note that, as Turkey, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway entered the Erasmus+ Programme as "Programme Counries", scholarship applicants who are nationals of these countries should be considered as Programme Country students.

Contribution to travel and installation costs

  • 1000 EUR per year per scholarship holder resident of a Programme Country for travel costs.
  • 2000 EUR per year for travel costs + 1000 EUR for installation costs for scholarship holder resident of a Partner Country whose location is situated at less than 4.000 km from the EMMC coordinating HEI.
  • 3000 EUR per year for travel costs + 1000 EUR for installation costs for scholarship holder resident of a Partner Country whose location is situated at 4000 km or more from the EMMC coordinating HEI.

A contribution to installation costs is offered only to students residents of a Partner Country (1000 € for the entire course). It is an incentive to help covering the additional costs related to the issuing of visas, residence permits, etc. as well as temporary accommodation needs upon arrival in the first Programme hosting HEI.

It is the responsibility of the consortium to verify the place of residence of the student candidate. The place of residence should be verifies on the basis of the provision of:

  • A residence certificate issued in accordance with the candidate's municipality normal registration rules;
  • A certificate from the candidate's place of work, study or training issued by the employer or institution in question.

Contribution to subsistence costs (for both programme and partner country scholarship holders)

1000 EUR per month for the entire duration of the EMMC study programme (24 months maximum).

Contribution to subsistence costs must not be given to:

  • Scholarship holders for the EMMC periods (study/research/placement/thesis preparation) spent in their country of residence
  • Partner Country Scholarship holders for the EMMC periods exceeding three months (indicatively the equivalent of 15 ECTS credits) spent in any Partner Country.

New admission period self-financing students

In order to facilitate access to students who were not able to process their applications in the first phase of the selection process for the Erasmus Mundus Master´s Degree in Sustainable Transportation and Electrical Power Systems, The University of Oviedo has announced a new admission period aimed at 8 self-financing students

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